About the Company.

Cordros Asset Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cordros Capital Limited licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission as a fund/portfolio management company.

They are committed to creating value for its diverse clientele base and ensuring their investment objectives are achieved within the agreed parameters.

Cordros Asset Management Limited understands the portfolio structure that should be adopted and the role of the asset manager in achieving the investor’s overall investment objectives.

The financial planning process
Periodic Ongoing Review
Gather important information
Establish Goals and Objectives
Asset Allocation
Daily Risk Assessment
Implement Plan
Develop Comprehensive Plan
Evaluate Current Situation
Absolute Return Approach
Global Macro Perspective

Their Wealth Management service address clients’ needs for income, estate planning, gift planning, tax planning and philanthropy. One of such of these service is their

Private Wealth Management.

Private wealth management is an investment advisory service that incorporates financial & retirement planning, portfolio management and other aggregated financial services such as alternative investments, real estate, equities and bonds purchase.

Private Wealth Management is an investment solution that helps to enhance clients’ financial situation and achieving short, medium and long term financial goals through the expertise of a wealth advisor.

We were tasked with designing The Private Wealth Management brochure highlighting the various solutions and offerings Cordros Asset Management Limited had for its clients and accounting opening forms for interested clients to join.